California Inspired,
Bold Flavor,
Better For You

Inspired by the breathtaking big wave surfing in California, OOMPH! provides a natural boost of lasting energy for active and busy people who take excellent care of themselves.

California inspired


Natural Energy, Distinctive Taste and Dense Nutrition – Anytime, Anywhere

Formulated with two superfoods – Chia Seeds and Blueberry – that are best known for their dense nutrition, Oomph! generously mixes everyone’s favorite nuts like Almond, Walnut, Cashew, Macadamia and Pecan with wholesome dried fruits such as Cherry and Cranberry to create a unique balance in taste and texture. This adventurous blend is then selectively sprinkled with the earthy goodness of Pumpkin Seeds, Flax Seeds, and whole grains before being lightly coated with Organic Honey.


Plant-Based Ingredients,
No Preservatives,
No Artificial Flavors,
No Trans Fat, No Additives
Low Calorie, Low Sugar

Being firm believers in the notion that “We are what we do and what we eat,” extraordinary care has been taken to make sure we put only 100% natural, plant-based ingredients into our products.


Purpose, Vision, Mission

We are a young company established in 2014 to wholeheartedly develop, introduce and promote plant-based functional foods. Driven by a team of passionate people with strong principles, we take great pride in formulating and launching naturally nourishing products that are not only good for our body, but also positive for our environment and the community.

About Us

Replenish Energy • Rebalance Snack • Replace Meal

  • Testimonial
    Oomph! gives me energy when I need to work overtime. Besides being all natural and healthy, it's a crunchy and munchy snack that cannot be replaced by any other snacks on the domestic market. JANE LI, 25Senior Finance Consultant, and Overseas Returnee after 8 years of study in the United States
  • Testimonial
    I just carry Oomph! with me everyday in my backpack. It is an easy stand-by snack after school and on the way to gym court. Oomph! really makes my day and I am glad to share it with my team! SIMON LIU, 20University Student & Basketball Player
  • Testimonial
    We like travelling and exploring excitement together. Going a carefree journey, we always carry Oomph! Trail Bars with us as a back-up mini meal. It was absolutely perfect for us as an "on-the-go" snack for our railway trip in Europe last summer!
    MR LEUNG and his FIANCÉE, 30 and 28Travel Lovers
  • Testimonial
    I care a lot about my body figure, Oomph! Trail Bar is exactly what I am looking for to replace regular meal or sometimes to enjoy as a leisure snack. ALICE WANG, 22Taobao Shop Owner & Part-time Fashion Model

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