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  • I love the bars, both types. Sabine B.
  • Mouthfeel 10! Sandra B.
  • They're good, I like them, would like to see how we can share the goodness with others! Nicolette T.
  • I shall spread the word among my friends and ask them to try out the super delicious Oomph! bars. Akanksha G. (Ph.D. in Food and Nutritional Science)
  • I recently tried both flavors of your Oomph! bars……and I brought them with me to a tournament in Shanghai a few weeks ago. Your bars were delicious! Alicia L.
  • (With Oomph!) you see all the ingredients intact on the bar. It also doesn't break or crumble when you eat it which I like. Kevin C.
  • Would happily eat the whole box, but actually one is enough. Katie M.
  • (Oomph! is for) no-time to eat, I've eaten that for brunch. Kuma C.
  • I really appreciate the nutritional values (of Oomph!) and they are just the kind of products I look for before a gym session or when I go hiking. Belinda N.
  • (Oomph! is the) perfect snack pre and post yoga. Joey C.
  • It (i.e. Oomph!) was very well received and some of our hike leaders are already asking where we could purchase in bulk. Angela A.
  • I'm actually 6 months pregnant and have found that these types of snacks (i.e. Oomph!) have been great throughout my pregnancy. Pristine R.